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Attorney´s fees

The amount of attorney´s fee depends primarily on the agreement with a attorney as well as on a particular legal issue, and also on the number of acts of legal services provided (e.g. in the particular litigation). Under the act of the legal service, following issues are meant: e.g. the assumption and the preparation of the particular representation or defense counseling; drafting the written application to the court (action); representation before a court, producing of a legal analysis etc. You will be able to make an agreement with the attorney on the particular fee in following ways.

Tariff fee
Tariff fee is determined by the value or the type of matter or right, and according to the number of acts of the legal service, which has been provided by the attorney in the case, namely by different rate as the base rate tariff fee.

Fee by share
Fee by share can be agreed upon a share of value of the issue, which is subject to the proceeding held before a court or before other public authority.

Hourly fee
Hourly fee is based on the number of hours which were needed to deliver the legal service. Attorney and client are able to make an agreement upon the hourly fee divided to commenced quarter-hour, by counseling relating to simple legal advise.

Flat fee
Flat fee can be agreed for the provision of legal services in a particular period of time or for indefinite time, for complete counseling of the particular issue or set of issues.