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Legal services

Commercial law
- corporate agenda and ZEP - Law Firm disposes the Qualified  certificate   for advanced electronic signature (ZEP) by which    you   can   save up to  50%   of   the   court   fee   needed   for   the    registration   of   the   company   (e.g. by   registration  of   the   limited   liability  company you can save up to 150 €). With  the  ZEP, we arrange   for you the trade  authorization under    advantageous   conditions   (at the  regulated   trades you can   save  half of the administrative   fee and  at the  unregulated    trades   you   pay   no   fee).   By   the registration of other    amendments   to   the   data   entered   into   the  Companies    Register  (change   of  the registered   seat,   statutory  body,    scope of business etc..), you can save up to 33,- €.  Law firm   also carries on respective legal services relating to the winding    up and deletion of the company from the Companies Register;    and   respective   legal   services   relating   to   the   mergers,    takeovers, splits of companies as well;
- claims enforcement - complete legal services (demand for    payment, representing before a court and executor);
- drafting and commenting commercial contracts;
- representation in the commercial-law disputes before court;
- representing in the bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings;
- damages and rendition of unjust enrichment.

Civil law
- claims enforcement - complete legal services (demand for    payment    or   out-of-court   settlement,  representing  before
   a court and executor);
- representing client before a court, notary public, executor in    any other cases (litigation, succession etc.);
- drafting and commenting the civil law contracts;
- protection of the personality rights;
- representation in arbitration proceedings;
- representation  in  proceedings  regarding   to  the   damages   caused by government authorities;
- disputes arising out of the bills;
- consumer protection issues.

Family law
- divorce and regulation of the parental rights and obligations to children;
- increase, decrease and enforcement of the child support;
- substitutive child support;
- other kinds of maintenance contributions – e.g. alimony (among ex-spouses) etc.;
- division of the property on divorce;
- affirmance of the legal act made on behalf of the minor child;
- paternity suits;
- legal aid to the victims of domestic violence;
- adoption.

Labour law
- drafting employment agreement;
- termination of the employment relationship;
- liability for damage caused by either an employee or an employer;
- material liability of an employee;
- labour law claims arising out of the employment relationship.

Criminal Law
- drafting the criminal notices, remedies, application for conditional discharge of the imprisonment etc.;
- defending the client throughout all stages of criminal proceedings;
- representing the injured party (natural or legal persons).

Administrative and constitutional law
- representing in the tax proceedings, in the trade registry proceeding;
- representing in cases relating to the administrative offences and fines;
- representing client in the cadastral proceedings;
- representing in the offence proceedings (e.g. traffic and other offences);
- drafting the costitutional complaints, representing the client before the Constitutional court of the Slovak Republic.

In case your legal issue relates to some other branch of providing legal services, please do not hesitate to contact us as well, as above mentioned list is only informative.