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Legal services

Commercial law
- claims enforcement - complete legal assistance (call for    payment addressed to debtor   /out-of-court  settlements,  representing  clients before   Slovak courts and bailiffs);
- corporate agenda -  legal services relating to formation of     the business companies (elaborating all necessary documentation     and   covering all communication with   related authorities of Slovak republic) 
- implementing the corporate changes   into   the Companies   Registry  (change   of  the registered   seat,   statutory  body,    scope of business activities etc..)
- legal services relating to winding  up and deletion of the companies from the Companies Registry;  and legal   services   relating  to   mergers/aquisitions and to splits of the companies;
- drafting and commenting commercial contracts;
- representing the clients in the commercial-law disputes before Slovak courts;
- representing in the bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings;
- legal assistance related to damages and rendition of unjust enrichment.

Civil law
- claims enforcement - complete legal assistance (call for  payment addressed to debtor /out-of-court settlements,  representing  clients before   Slovak courts and bailiffs);
- representing client before a court, notary public, executor in    any other cases (litigation, succession etc.);
- drafting and commenting the civil law contracts;
- protection of the personality rights;
- representation in arbitration proceedings;
- representation  in  proceedings  regarding   to  the   damages   caused by government authorities;
- disputes arising out of the bills;
- consumer protection issues.

Family law
- divorce and regulation of the parental rights and obligations to children;
- increase, decrease and enforcement of the child support;
- substitutive child support;
- other kinds of maintenance contributions – e.g. alimony (among ex-spouses) etc.;
- division of the property on divorce;
- affirmance of the legal act made on behalf of the minor child;
- paternity suits;
- legal aid to the victims of domestic violence;
- adoption.

Labour law
- drafting employment agreement;
- termination of the employment relationship;
- liability for damage caused by either an employee or an employer;
- material liability of an employee;
- labour law claims arising out of the employment relationship.

Criminal Law
- drafting the criminal notices, remedies, application for conditional discharge of the imprisonment etc.;
- defending the client throughout all stages of criminal proceedings;
- representing the injured party (natural or legal persons).

Administrative and constitutional law
- representing in the tax proceedings, in the trade registry proceeding;
- representing in cases relating to the administrative offences and fines;
- representing client in the cadastral proceedings;
- representing in the offence proceedings (e.g. traffic and other offences);
- drafting the costitutional complaints, representing the client before the Constitutional court of the Slovak Republic.